For Time:
7 KB/DB Deadlifts
1 Burpee
7 KB/DB Deadlifts
2 Burpees
7 KB/DB Deadlifts
3 Burpees
7 KB/DB Deadlifts
4 Burpees
7 KB/DB Deadlifts
5 Burpees...

Keep going until

7 KB/DB Deadlifts
10 Burpees

Idea weight for Men: 50-70# KB or DB
Idea weight for Women: 35-50# KB or DB

Goal: 12 min or less!

This workout is simple- and pretty short! Go all out!

For the deadlifts you will hold either one dumbbell or a kettlebell.

You will set up with the object between the feet. Hinge at the hips to get your chest over the object. Keep the heels down, bend the knees, pull the chest up, arms are straight and long. To pick the object up you will dig the heels into the ground - prevent the knees from caving in, pick up the chest, squeeze the butt and keep the arms straight. Once you reach the top you will hinge at the hips and bend the knees to bring the object back to the ground! Keep the chest up and back flat throughout!

For the burpees you may step or jump back, go to the knees, perform a push up, step or jump the feet back in, then add a small jump at the end.

You may also sub -

No push up burpees or burpees on a box/bench if necessary!


SINGLE LEG DEADLIFT - This can be such a great movement for mamas! Focus on good posture, breathing mechanics, and midline stability. If you're pregnant and balance is a struggle because of changes on center or gravity, feel free to sub Split Stance Deadlifts, Sumo Deadlifts or Good Mornings.

BURPEES - No push up burpee, Elevated burpee, Step back/forward burpee, Air Squat + Elevated Push Up, Table Top (all fours position) + Air Squat, Ball Slams, KB Swings, Farmer/Goblet march, Glute Bridges, Sumo Deadlift High Pull

KB/DB Deadlift - If pregnant and the shape of your belly is creating a change in the efficiency and safety of the bar path or postpartum and managing core rehab through practice of proper posture, sub: Sumo Stance KB/DB Deadlift or elevate the KB/DB from the floor to mid shin level or higher for your starting position. If you are working on healing any pelvic floor dysfunction make sure you are able to breathe properly throughout the entire range of motion and that you are not bracing or bearing down.