MONDAY SHIFT 07/29/2019


10 Min AMRAP
(As Many Rounds and Reps as Possible in 10 Min)

10 Squats (Unweighted)
7 Ring/TRX Rows

No weight needed


If you don't have a way to do ring, TRX, or some type of banded row you may sub 7 dumbbell bent over rows per side (one side at a time) with a light to moderate weight.

Score: Total Number of Completed Rounds + Any Additional Reps
Goal: 5 Rounds +5 rounds of this workout is extremely doable! Can you shoot for even 7+?

For this workout you will simply repeat 10 bodyweight (air) squats and 7 rows over and over as many times as possible.

For the squats you will start with your feet shoulder width apart with the heels down. Lift your chest and tighten your belly. Reach your butt back as you keep your chest lifted. Drive your knees out and focus on keeping your heels down. Keep going back and down until your butt is lower than your knees without allowing your back to collapse or plop at the bottom.

Drive out of your heels, drive your knees out, and lead with your chest to stand.

If you have a tendency to plop at the bottom or have any pain in that position - you may try to use a counterbalance like a chair or something at the very bottom. You may also try to use a target that is JUST a bit higher than below parallel. The goal ultimately is to get you to the bottom.

For the ring/trx rows - remember the more parallel your body is to the ground the harder these become. We don't ever want you to have to break these more than once but the sets of 7 should get challenging as the workout goes on.

Make sure you start with straight arms each time and keep the torso in a rigid position. Pull the torso to the rings with the elbows going back. Lower back down under control.

If doing the single arm DB bent over row as a sub - you will lean against a bench or even the wall. Allow the dumbbell to hang and pull it to your rib cage. 7 on one side then 7 on the other.



If you find that these movements create a lot of pressure and/or coning in the belly you can try elevating a standing Banded Lat Pull Down.


For mamas experiencing SPD, try subbing a Box Squat (Search Birthfit YouTube Library) or Target Assisted Air Squat to keep you from going too deep or sagging into your joints in the squat.