MONDAY SHIFT 07/22/2019


There are a bunch of scaling ideas in the main version of the workout today too, make sure to check that out because you might find one that works for you!

Metcon (Time)

25 Burpee
50 Upright Row with KB or DB
25 Burpee

Weight to try:

Men: 50#ish
Women: 30#ish

Use what you've got!

Time Cap: 15 Min
For this one the reps are set!

You will do 25 reps of a no push up burpee. So you will place the hands down, jump or step the feet out, jump or step the feet back in, stand.

Try to get into an actual flat plank position for each rep before coming back up!

You can also scale up to regular burpees with a push up if you are feeling up to it!

For the upright row you will hold the kb or db at the hips. Keeping the object close you will shrug the shoulders then bring the elbows high and outside like you are zipping up your jacket. Keep the object close as you come back down to the waist!


BURPEES - If you feel a lot of pressure in your belly or pelvic floor in the plank position or hopping forward/back, you can step back/forward to a table top or low bear pose or modify to skip the push up, Elevated Burpees, Step back/forward burpee, Air Squat + Elevated Push Up, Table Top (all fours position) + Air Squat, Ball Slams, KB Swings, Farmer/Goblet march, Glute Bridges, Sumo Deadlift High Pull

UPRIGHT ROWS - Love this movement for Mamas! But if your growing belly is getting in the way of the row feel free to sub a KB Swing, Bent Over Row, or Banded Lat Pull Down.