BUTTS & GUTS 04/21/2019

3 Rounds
1 Min Slow Split Squat Right
1 Min Slow Split Squat Left
1 Min Slow Romanian Deadlift

Go LIGHTER than you think and increase weight for round 2-3 if you can.

Score is weight you used (either bar + plates or total weight of the dumbbells)Each rep will be 3 seconds down and 3 seconds back up.  This is true for all 3 stations.

For the split squats you will want back leg slightly elevated. Make sure you aren't TOO far forward from the elevated leg that you are getting stuck or that the heel is coming up at the bottom.  Get as low as possible and make sure the knee is not buckling in.

May do these with a bar on the back or dumbbells in each hand.
Stand up, but to not fully extend the knee and hip at the top.
Remember, 3 seconds down and 3 seconds up.
For the romanian deadlifts  you will do the same thing.  3 seconds down and 3 seconds back up.  The knees will soften but will remain mostly straight through out.  Keep the back flat and chest up.

6 Minute EMOM
Every Minute on the Minute for 6 Minutes

30 Seconds Hanging Knee Tuck Kick Outs
30 Seconds Rest
30 Seconds up Down Plank
30 Seconds Rest

Back and forth for 6 Min (6 Rounds)For the hanging knee tucks  you will hang from the bar and have both knees tucked to the chest.  You will kick one foot out - bring it in.  Then kick the other foot out and bring it in.  Cycle for 30 seconds.

For the Up Down Plank you will start in a plank position on the elbows.  One hand at a time come up to the hands - then back down to the elbows.  Alternate which hand comes up and down first for each rep.