WEDNESDAY 03/13/2019


Simple Bodyweight mover today guys!  Program A only!




Full Body Simple Warm UP!

5-10 reps of quality movement through each

10 Toe Touches
10 Boot Strappers
10 Inch Worm + Down Dog
10 Spider Man + Reach


10 Rounds for Time
5 Toes to Bar or V-Ups
10 Push Ups
20 Double Unders

RX + Men/Women:  7 Toes to Bar/V-Ups per Round and 30 Double Unders per round

Score: Total Time
Goal: Under 15 Min


If you've got a bar to hang from go with the toes to bar or knees up option.  If not - NO worries - V-Ups will definitely do the trick!  You can even scale back to regular sit ups if you need to!

Mamas - a couple great sub options are slam balls, dead bugs, or kb swings (check SHIFT video).

For the push ups - the goal is to keep the torso in a solid position throughout and to NOT be doing singles too early on.  If you need to go to the knees to keep moving and to keep from worming etc - do that!

Make sure that your elbows are going back and down and are not flared OUT!  Touch your chest and thighs to the ground at the bottom.  Press to lock out at the top.

For the double unders you may lower the number to 10-15 per round if you want to try to work them in.  If 10-15 will take you longer than about 30-40 seconds TOPS you may choose to sub 30 seconds of attempts each round or just do our fave sub - dumbbell hop overs.  (DB hop overs are NOT easier - just don't require the SKILL that a double under does).

If you are currently working on getting your singles dialed in - you can do those as well. 40 reps per round.

If you can not jump at this time you may choose to do 30 seconds of any of the following: low step ups, row, bike, mtn climbers.