TUESDAY SHIFT 03/26/2019


3 Rounds

20 Taps
10 Skip Overs
10 Toe Touches
3 No Push Up Inchworm
5 Push Up / Knee Push Up
2 Lunge with Twist Right
2 Lunge with Twist Left
10 Air Squats

Increase speed each round!


8 Rounds
12 Alternating Bodyweight Reverse Lunges
8 Upright or Ring/TRX Rows

If doing upright rows:
Men: 30-50# KB or Single DB
Women: 12-25# DB or Single DB

Score: Total Time
Goal: Under 14 Min


For the lunges we wrote reverse lunges - which means you will step backward - but if that doesn't work for you it is ok to switch to forward stepping or even walking lunges.

We like the reverse lunge because the working leg stays planted and this usually will lead to more heel drive, glute and hamstring use!  Try it!

Take a long enough step backward that your back knee LIGHTLY touches the ground with the front heel still down.  Make sure the knee doesn't cave in.  Drive through the heel to stand up.

You will alternate feet with each lunge.  So for each set of 12 you end up doing 6 per side.

If you are unable to do a FULL lunge you may shorten it slightly or doing a step up is a great sub.

You may choose between an upright row or ring/trx/bar in rack rows.

For the upright row you would hold a KB or DB at your hips in both hands.  Make sure the belly is tight and the shoulders are pulled back and down.  Pull the weight up the body with the elbows coming high and outside.  Pull to just under the collar bone and then lower under control.

For any of the row options remember the more parallel your body is to the ground, the more difficult this becomes.  The goal would be to be able to do at least 3-4 at a time each time.  Straight arms at the bottom.  Elbows back and pull all of the way to the chest at the top!