Simple SHIFT Warm Up

3 Rounds

20 Taps
10 Skip Overs
10 Toe Touches
3 No Push Up Inchworm
5 Push Up / Knee Push Up
2 Lunge with Twist Right
2 Lunge with Twist Left
10 Air Squats

Increase speed each round!

** Make sure to check out the video demo of this warm up on Members Only!

EMOM 16 Min
(Every Minute on the Minute for 16 Min)

Min 1: 40 Seconds Low Running (if possible) Step Ups
Min 2: 8 Goblet or Dumbbell Lunges + 4 Push Press

Idea Weight for Men: 30-55# Single KB/DB or pair of lighter dumbbells
Idea weight for Women: 12-25# Single KB/DB or pair of lighter dumbbells

Running Step Up height 8-12"

Score: If you complete all 16 min - just put 16.  Otherwise put the number of minutes completed.  (So if you take a minute off or anything  you will deduct it from 16).For this one you can move at your own pace for the low running step ups.  You can lower the step even more to like 6" if necessary.  If you can't really "run" with it, that is ok.  Just try to keep a quick pace going for the full 40 seconds and rest 20 seconds at the end of the minute.

For the second minute you will do 8 lunges and 4 press.  The lunges can be goblet (weight held at chest with elbows tucked in), dumbbells at sides, or unweighted.  You may do walking, forward stepping or reverse lunges.  Make sure you take a long enough step each time that the front heel stays down when the back knee touches lightly.  No slamming down.  Make sure your front knee doesn't cave in.  You will stand up between each rep.  Each lunge counts as 1 rep - so for 8 you end up doing 4 per side.

Once you complete 8 lunges you will press the weight from your shoulders to over your head with the biceps by the ears.  Keep the belly tight.