OLY | WEEK 44 | 10/27/2019


Overhead Squat (4 x 5)

Warm up to a weight that is challenging for you. Then put 20 min on the clock and do 4 sets of 5, either adding more weight between or maintaining same weight for all 4 sets. Give yourelf time to rest as needed between 2-3 min, but finish all 4 sets of 5 of heavy overhead squats in the 20 min window.

If you have a rack you will unrack the bar on your back. Get your hands into the wide grip position. Perform a wide grip - behind the neck push press or jerk to get the bar overhead. Tighten your belly - move your feet out to under the shoulders. Press up and rotate the shoulders forward.

If you are taking from the ground you may snatch it if you are able or perform a clean and jerk onto the back - then do the behind the neck push press or jerk to get the bar overhead.

Once overhead you will initiate the squat by reaching your butt back, keeping the heels down, driving your knees out, keeping the belly tight and chest up, pushing up into the bar, but also pulling it back slightly (to keep it over the middle of your foot) as you go down. Allow this process to be slow and controlled. Keep pressing up and work to keep the armpits forward and chest up! Get the butt lower than the knees at the bottom with the heels down, knees out, belly tight, chest up and bar over the middle of the foot. No plopping or collapsing in the back.

As you stand you will drive through the heels, push the knees out, lead with the chest and press into the bar. Stand all of the way up!

After 5 reps you can either drop it (and clean it to get back in the rack) or lower back to the back to re-rack. IF you lower back to the back - ABSORB WITH YOUR KNEES and be extremely careful not to lower onto the neck. Keep that chest up when you absorb it!

Behind the Neck Shoulder Press (4 x 10)

From the back rack position - using no momentum built from the lower body - press the bar to a locked out position overhead.These will be on the lighter side. Bar will be on the back with the wide grip. Pull your rib cage down and lift the chest. Make sure the head is out of the way and press the bar straight up. Lock out completly with the bar over the middle of the body. Pause for 1 second and lower back down. Absorb lower with the knees when you start to get fatigued!