5 Rounds
30 Seconds of Single Unders, Jog, Row, Bike, or Taps
5 Unweighted Windmills Right
5 Unweighted Windmills Left
5 Inchworms

No weight needed!  Watch full video demo today to see the windmills!

Score: Total Time

Goal: Don't worry so much about time today and focus on really good practice of these movements.

You may choose what you would like to do for the 30 second portion.  The idea is to move the entire 30 seconds each time at an uncomfortable but sustainable pace.

For the windmills you will stand with the feet shoulder width apart.  Place one hand on the inside of the thigh (same side) and one hand over head.  Look up at that hand.  Tighten your belly.  Keeping the legs relatively straight hinge at the side of the hip and slide the other hand down the inside of the leg (for guidance) go to the knee (or lower if you can).  Then stand back up to full standing.  MOVE SLOW!  Look at the hand in the air the whole time.  If you want to try adding a light 5lb weight or something - that is fine.  Keep the heels down!

For the inchworms you will place hands down on the ground in front of you.  Walk your hands out to the top of the push up.  Perform a push up (put the knees down if you need to).  Keep the torso in a rigid position.  No snaking or sagging of hips.  Press back up.  Walk the hands back in to the feet and stand up.

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