For Time

6 Rounds
15 KB/DB Deadlifts
10 Dips

Idea weight for Men: 50# KB or 25# Dumbbells
Idea weight for Women: 24-35# KB or 10-15# Dumbbells

Score: Total Time

Goal: 12 Min or less

For this workout you may choose to do your deadlifts with a single kb, a single dumbbell or  a pair of dumbbells.

For a single kb or dumbbell you will have the weight between the feet.  Weight should be in the heels with the chest up!  Arms stay straight and back stays flat.  You will have a slight bend in the knee and a hinge at the hip at the bottom.  To lift the weight you will drive out of the heels and lift the chest!  Squeeze the butt to stand tall.  To lower the weight back down, hinge at the hip, keep the belly tight and chest up - arms straight and lower the weight back down to between the feet!

If you are using a set of dumbbells - you will have one in each hand on the outside of the feet.  Stand a little more narrow and touch one head of the dumbbell to the ground for each rep.

For the dips you may do these off the edge of a box, chair or bench.  You may also do them between 2 chairs or something of similar heights.  The goal is to get the shoulder lower than the elbow at the bottom and lock out completely at the top.  Use as much or as little assistance from the legs as necessary!

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