BUTTS & GUTS 2.10.19

4 Rounds

Not for Time

12 Elevated Front Leg Lunge Right
12 Elevated Front Leg Lunge Left
24 Med Ball or Weighted Sit Up
12 Split Stance Dumbbell Deadlift Right
12 Split Stanch Dumbbell Deadlift Left
12 Pike Up on Box or Ball

Use a weight that is challenging for you.  Add weight each round if you can!

Use same weight for lunges and deadlifts.

For the lunges you will put your FRONT foot on a 6" roughly riser - stack of plates - something like that.

The goal is to still touch your back knee.  Leave your back foot planted.  Do all reps on one side then on the other.  Focus is on driving out of the heel!

For the wall ball or weighted sit ups, you may throw the ball back and forth with a partner - if you have one....or you can simply hold a dumbbell at your chest or the med ball or dumbbell over your head! See the video.  Anchor your feet if you need to on this one.

For the split stance DB Deadlifts you will hold a kb or db in each hand.  Take a SLIGHT split stance (see video to get idea) and basically perform a deadlift.  Allow a slightly knee bend, keep the heel down, and chest up.  If you are unable to go all of the way to the floor and keep the front heel down and chest up - you can shorten the distance a little bit.
Stand all of the way up at the top of each rep - but leave the feet in the split stance.

On the pike ups, start in the push up position, and walk your hands back as your hips rise until your hips are over your shoulders.

Each rep includes you walking your hands back out to the starting position.