15 Min AMRAP
(As Many Rounds and Reps as Possible in 15 Min)

20 Mountain Climbers
10 KB/DB Swings
7 Sit Ups

Idea weight for Men: 30-40# KB or DB
Idea weight for Women: 12-25# KB or DB

Score: Total Number of Completed Rounds + Any Additional Reps.

Goal: 8 Rounds +So this SHIFT workout is almost identical to the regular Program A workout today.  This will give you a great idea of how we scale things down a bit to make the SHIFT version and how SOMEDAY you will be able to ease into the regular workouts - if you want to that is.

For the Mountain Climbers you will start out in the top of a push up position.  You may do this elevated if necessary.  Make sure the belly is tight and that the hips aren't sagging.  Bring one knee up into the chest/armpit - followed by the other.  You may move through these fast - like a running motion or move through more slowly!

If you are unable to do mountain climbers you may also sub low step ups!

Choose a KB weight that you will mostly be able to do unbroken, with occassional momentary breaks for the grip potentially.

For the swings - usually in SHIFT we encourage eye level swings.  You will hold the weight with both hands at the waist.  Feet are about shoulder width apart.  Heels are down.  Hinge forward at the hips and bend the knees slightly.  Keep the chest lifted and heels down.  Belly tight and arms straight.  Pull the weight back through the legs.  Stand up HARD and FAST to make the bell weightless and then (keeping the belly tight) guide the weight to eye level!  Allow gravity to bring it back down and back between the legs.   Don't allow it to pull you forward.  Keep those heels down!

You may also do these holding a dumbbell with both hands!

For the sit up you will do whatever you want with the feet.  Touch the ground behind you at the bottom and come up and touch the feet at the top.

If you are unable to do sit ups - you may sub ball slams or even dead bugs!

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