AMRAP 14 Min
(As Many Rounds and Reps as Possible in 14 Min)

5 Ring/TRX or Upright Rows
5 Push Ups
5 KB/DB Deadlifts
5 KB/DB Press

Idea weight for Men: 30-50# Single KB/DB - or - Pair of Lighter Dumbbells
Idea weight for Women: 12-25# Single KB/DB -or- Pair of Lighter Dumbbells

Score: Total Number of Completed Rounds + Any Additional Reps
Goal: 7 Rounds +

For this workout you will go through the 5+5+5+5 as many times as possible in 14 Min.

For the TRX/Ring or upright rows, pick what you have available. You can also sub a stretchy band pull down, or even bar in rack row.

Remember if you are doing one of the bodyweight row options that the more parallel you are to the ground, the more difficult these become. Since it is small sets (only 5 at a time) don't be afraid to pick a version/angle that is a bit more difficult than what you normally do! Make sure you start with straight arms at the bottom - keep the belly and torso position tight - pull all of the way to your chest at the top.

If you are doing an upright row you will hold a single weight in both hands at the waist. Pull the shoulders back and down and pull the weight up your body with your elbows going high and outside like you are zipping up your jacket. Lower under control.

For the push ups you may do regular, knee push ups, or elevated push ups. You can even sub a light dumbbell bench press if you need to for core reasons (mamas).

For the push ups make sure that you keep the belly tight and that the shoulders, hips and knees stay in a straight line. No sagging or snaking. Hands shouldn't be too wide and elbows should go back and down - not flare out. Go all of the way down to touch the chest if possible and come all of the way up at the top.

For the deadlifts you will either have a single weight between the feet or a lighter weight in both hands outside of the feet. Make sure to keep the heels down, bend the knees, keep the arms straight and belly tight/chest lifted throughout! Squeeze the butt and drive through the heels to stand.

For the press you will either hold a single weight at the chest or a pair of lighter dumbbells at the shoulders. Keep the belly tight as you press the weight straight up - finishing with the biceps by the ears and weight over the middle of the body at the top!


PUSH UPS - If you notice coning/doming in the plank position or if you find yourself straining to breathe or bearing down forcefully with your breath, sub an elevated push up with hands on box, bench, wall, table, etc.

KB/DB Deadlift - If your pregnant and the shape of your belly is making reaching the floor difficult or if you're postpartum and managing core rehab through practice of proper posture, sub: Sumo Stance KB/DB Deadlift or elevate the DBs/KB so its not so low to the ground when you pick it up. If you are working on healing any pelvic floor dysfunction make sure you are able to breathe properly throughout the entire range of motion and that you are not bracing or bearing down.