GYMNASTICS | WEEK 45 | 11/03/2019


2 Rounds:
10 Scapular Pull-Ups
0:30 Bench Tricep Stretch
10 Kip Swings
5 Push-Ups

Scapular Pull-Ups
1. Begin in a dead hang on the bar, with your hands shoulder width apart. You should be sinking down, with your shoulders in contact with your ears.
2. Engage the lats by "pulling down on the bar", creating as much space as possible between your shoulders and ears.
3. Hold for two seconds.
4. Lower back down into your dead hang position.

Bench Tricep Stretch
1. Begin sitting glutes-to-heels on the ground, facing your bench (or, any apparatus you are using: Chair, couch, desk, etc.)
2. Place your hands on the bench, palms down, and slide them forward until your elbows are supported. The goal is to keep the joint as comfortable and safe as possible.
3. Arms should be shoulder width apart.
4. With your knees together, lift your glutes and set your hips directly over your knees. Both legs should be together and creating aa 90 degree angle.
5. Allow your head to fall through your arms, and press your chest towards the floor.
6. Bend your elbows and pull your thumbs to shoulder blades. This will intensify the stretch in the triceps.
7. Engage your core by pulling the belly button into your spine. This will flatten out and protect the lower back. No sagging.

Kip Swings
1. Begin standing under the bar.
2. Jump to the bar, landing in a hollow position.
3. Drive your heels back and push your chest forward into an arch position.
4. Continuously move back and forth between the hollow and arch, keeping the glutes and legs tight.
5. Note: Smaller and tighter positions are better than larger, out of control positions! Make sure you are fully engaged.


EMOM x 12
(Every Minute on the Minute for 12 Min)

Min 1: 2-5 Bar Muscle-Up
Min 2: 12 Single Arm Medball Push-Ups

Subs and Modifications
Less reps / Jumping transitions
Regular push-ups / Push-ups from the knees

Score: Total Reps of Both

So if you do 2 Bar Muscle Up and 12 MB Push UPs per round your score would be 12 BM + 72 Push Ups=84

Bar Muscle Up
1. Begin standing behind the bar
2. Jump to the bar and catch in a hollow position
3. Allow yourself to patiently swing forward, opening into an arch position as you pass to the front of the bar
4. Hit the full range of motion in your arch position
5. Once you start swinging backwards, drive your knees towards the ceiling
6. (Aggressively!) Squeeze your glutes to produce as much power as possible, driving your hips towards the bar
7. As you come close to the bar, sit up quickly using your core, and shift your hands over the top of the bar
8. Land in a front support

Med Ball Push Ups
1. Set up in a plank position, with your left hand on top of the Medball, right hand on the floor. Your left arm will be bent, so your body remains parallel to the ground.
2. Lower yourself towards the ground, making sure your elbows track backwards.
3. Push back up into your starting position.
4. Staying in your plank position, roll your Medball towards your right hand.
5. Set up in your plank position with your right hand on the Medball, left hand on the ground.
6. Perform a push-up.
7. Continue alternating the Medball back and forth between both sides.

Skill Focus: Spacial Awareness

3 Rounds for Quality:
5 Jump Full Turn to the Right
5 Candlestick to Forward Roll
5 Jump Full Turn to the Left

Subs and Modifications
Jump Half Turn / Jump Quarter Turn
Candlestick with Bent Legs / Slow Forward Roll

Jump Full Turn
1. Begin standing with your feet hip width apart.
2. Using your arms to help with momentum, jump and spin 360 degrees to the right, landing in the same position, facing the same direction.
3. Make sure to land with bent knees, and try not to move your feet.

Candlestick to Forward Roll

1. Begin standing with feet hip width apart.
2. Sit back, getting your glutes as close to your heels as possible.
3. Roll back onto your shoulder blades, with your arms extended overhead and pressing into the ground.
4. Your toes should come up, pointing towards the ceiling.
5. At the top of the rep, squeeze your glutes to open your hip angle.
6. As you roll forward, pull your heels close to your glutes, and sit-up quickly, getting your shoulders over your toes.
7. Set your hands on the floor, and go immediately into a forward roll.
8. Make sure to tuck your chin into your chest, and stare at your bellybutton for the entire rotation.