BUTTS & GUTS | WEEK 45 | 11/03/2019


4 Rounds
Not For Time

15 Banded Side Steps Right
15 Banded Side Steps Left
10 Single Leg Deadlift into 3 Second High Knee Hold Right
10 Single Leg Deadlift into 3 Second High Knee Hold Left
30 Russian Twists
1 Min L Sit (accumulate)

Enter weight used for Single leg deadlift for your score!Banded side steps can be done with either a band around the knees or a gymnastics band at the feet. (See video on IG and FB). Get a slight bend in the knees, keep the heels down, and take big steps.

If you don't have a band to put around the knees or the feet for the side steps - you may swap out a side step up. So you will be on the side of the box instead of behind it. You can hold light 10-15# DBs and do 15 Side Step Ups on each side.

On the single leg deadlift make sure you are holding the kb or db in the opposite hand of the foot that is down. Complete a regular single leg deadlift and then bring the knee up and kb or db up to the shoulder - hold for 3 seconds - then repeat. Try not to put the foot down between reps.

Squeeze the belly and butt in that hold position.

On the Russian twists, use a weight that you can get through the whole thing in 1-2 sets. Keep the shoulders and feet off of the ground. Each rep is touching the dumbbell or plate on both sides.

For the L-sits, choose a method that you can hold for at least 20 seconds each time. Accumulate 1 min each time.


SINGLE LEG DEADLIFT - This can be such a great movement for mamas! Focus on good posture, breathing mechanics, and midline stability. If you're pregnant and balance is a struggle because of changes on center or gravity, feel free to sub Sumo Deadlifts!

RUSSIAN TWISTS - Please note it is important to acoid deep twisting motion during pregnancy and in the immediate postpartum period. Consider subbing: Pallof Press, BIRTHFIT Functional Progression 2, BIRTHFIT Dumbbell Windmill BIRTHFIT Banded Woodchop (see BIRTHFIT youtube channel for demos)

L-SIT HOLD - If you notice any coning or are working to heal or manage diastasis feel free to sub a Farmer Carry/Hold, Overhead Plate Hold/March, Bear Pose Or Functional Progression 4 Hold or Crawl.