7 Min -

Handstand hold practice.

Kick up and hold for as long as you can.  When you fall - take a second and then kick back up again.

Mark total time holding if you are able to measure it.  If not - don't sweat it.If you are unable to hold a handstand for more than a second or 2 - or not at all - that's ok!!  You can practice holding against the wall.  Try pulling one foot off of the wall, and then the other.  See if you can get a few moments without either foot touching!

A couple of things to think about.  Keep the belly tight and butt squeezed.  Splay your fingers and use them to help balance.  Be locked out but also allow a little give here and there if it helps you to balance.

Tuck your chin as much as you are comfortable.  Start by looking at the heel of your hand instead of your fingertips.

Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds)

EMOM 10 Min

2 Kip Swings
2 Toes to Bar
2 Bar/Ring Muscle Ups

Scale to:

2 Kip Swings
2 Toes to Bar
2 Chest to Bar Pull Ups / Regular Pull Ups

Scale Up to (RX+):

3 - 3 -3

Score is total number of rounds you get unbroken.  If you have to break that's ok!  Just don't count that round on your score!SO for this one you will pick something that is challenging for you but doable.

You may also choose to do just 1 bar muscle up or 1 pull up.

You could even do 2 kip swings, 2 toes to bar and then do 1 jumping ring or bar muscle up.

For the kip swing, focus on swinging from the shoulder.  Pull your chest THROUGH  and then press down and tighten into a hollow position.  Keep the legs and arms straight.

For the toes to bar, really focus on pressing down on the bar and keeping the legs as straight as possible.  Scale to knees up if you need to.

For the muslce ups use that same kip swing.  Get the hips UP and then keep pulling yourself over/through and do a major sit up to get on top of the bar/rings.

Metcon (No Measure)

8 Min
30 Sec Top of Dip Ring Hold
30 Sec Rest
30 Sec Chin Over Bar Hold
30 Sec Rest

Lower the hold time to something more manageable if necessary.

You will do each hold 4 times.You may do the top of the dip hold on the rings or on a stationary dip station/boxes/whatever you have.

Press down and pull in!  Keep the belly tight!

Chin over means chin over!  Do it as well as you can!

MIranda AlcarazGymnastics