BUTTS & GUTS 12.23.18

Part 1:


5 Rounds
30 Seconds Back Rack Reverse Lunge Right
30 Seconds Back Rack Reverse Lunge Left
30 Seconds Good morning
30 Seconds 1 and 1/2 Rep Back Squat

Rest 2 Min

You will use the same weight for the whole thing and keep it on the back for the full 2 min.

Men try around 75-115#
Women try around 45-75#Ok so for this you just put that bar on your back and know that it is going to be there for 2 min!

You will start with 30 seconds of reverse lunges on the right leg.

Reach the back leg back and kiss the knee to the ground.  Make sure that you take a wide enough step that you can keep your front heel down.

After 30 seconds on the right - switch to the left and do 30 seconds.

After that you will perform the 30 seconds of Good Mornings. You will hinge at the hips, keep the knees pretty straight and keep the back flat!  If possible you will get to a 90 degree bend, but if you can't get there for strength or flexibility sake and the back starts to round - don't go so far.

From here you will do 30 seconds of 1 and 1/2 rep back squats.  So you will perform a squat all of the way down - come half way up - go back down - then stand all of the way.

Keep the heels down, chest up, knees out!

Metcon (Weight)

Part 2:


5 Rounds
30 Russian Twists
10 Slow Candlestick Roll Down

Rough idea for weight on the Russian Twists - 10 - 30#

This is NOT for time because the candlestick roll downs are meant to be SLOW!

Just post weight used for your score.For the russian twists - each twist counts as a rep.

Sit on the ground and lean back with the weight at your belly.  Twist and touch the weight on the right - then the left.  Each touch counts.  You may do these with a dumbbell, a ball, a plate, whatever!

For the slow candlestick roll downs you will roll your butt and legs and low back up off of the ground and point the toes toward the ceiling.

Then you will SLOWLY roll yourself down - one verterbrae at a time, until you are all the way down with the feet on the ground.