SOGO 9.9.18

Part 1

5 Sets
2 Push Press Every 15 Seconds for 1 Min.
Resting position is Bar/Dumbbells Locked Out Overhead.

Rest 2 Min Between Sets

So it will start with 2 push press - then rest until 15 seconds.  2 Push Press - rest overhead until 30 seconds.  2 Push Press - rest with bar overhead until 45 seconds.  2 Push Press - hold bar overhead until the 1 min mark.

Rest 2 Minutes.

Your press is going to be super fatigued!  Use that strong leg drive to get the bar overhead.  Do not let go of the belly during the overhead hold.  Keep the rib cage down!

Start light and add weight each set if possible.

Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)

Part 2-

3 Sets
Max Dips
Max Push Ups

No rest between moments - rest as needed between rounds.

Dips may be ring, stationary, or bench - but should be strict.  Use a band to assist if necessary but no kipping.

Make sure to get the shoulder  below the elbow at the bottom and completely lock the elbows at the top.

For the push ups - go to the knees if you need to in order to get at least 7 reps after the dips.  Touch the chest for every rep, completely lock the elbows for every rep as well!

Metcon (Weight)

5 x 10

Arnold Press

Rest as needed between sets

Dumbells will start at the shoulder with the wrists facing in.  You will press out as you rotate the wrist forward to lockout.

Keep the rib cage down and control the movement.

Finish each rep with the bicep by the ears!