BUTTS & GUTS 9.9.18

4 Rounds
(Not for Time)
15 Slow Negative - No Touch Stiff Legged Deadlifts
10 Pause Split Squat Right
10 Pause Split Squat Left
30 Second L (or Tuck) Hang
20 Weighted Sit Ups

RX: Something that burns but you can do unbroken.

Guys try 95# + for Deads and same on your back or 40# DBs + for Split Squats

Girls try 65# + for Deads and same on your back or 25# + DBS for Split Squats

For the slow negative no touch stiff legged deadlifts - you will start with the bar off of the ground, but below the knees.  You need to keep the back flat and chest up, but you want the least bend in the knee possible for this movement (a slight bend is good - not fully locked out).

You will squeeze the butt to stand up at a normal pace, but when lowering back down you will do it on a 3 count - a slow 3 count.  You will lower to below the knee, but not all of the way to the ground.

For the split squat the back leg will be slightly elevated - just 8-12" is fine.  You will need either place the bar on the back or hold dumbbells in each hand.  You will make sure the front foot is what is loaded with the heel down.  You will lunge/squat down until the butt is below the knee on the front leg.  You will hold at the bottom for a 3 count before standing back up.  Do all 10 on one side before going into the other!

For the L Hang you will hang from the pull up bar and keep the legs as straight as possible as you hold them out in front of you (in an L).  If you need to bend them slightly that is ok.  If you need to completely tuck them in - that is ok too!  Find something you can hold for the whole 30 seconds.

For the weighted sit ups you may pick your weight!  Probably between 10-20#.  Touch the weight on the ground behind you and raise it over your head at the top.