SOGO 9.23.18

Single Arm Dumbbell Row (4 x 12 (each side) (slow lower))

With a dumbbell or KB - basically a bent over row with one arm at a time.For these you will also do a 1 second pause at the top and slow lower to the bottom.

Use a box or bench or something to brace other arm against.  Pull with elbow coming back!

Bent Over Reverse Dumbbell Fly (4 x 15)

Hinged at the hips - like flapping your wings!Hinge at the hips, bend the knees slightly, keep the belly tight.  Allow for a slight bend of the elbow and basically do a motion like you are flapping your wings (SLOWLY though).

Bring dumbbells down to touch basically at the bottom and come in line with your back at the top.

Supine Barbell or Ring Rows (3 x Max Set)

3 x Max SetThe more parallel to the ground you are for these - the more difficult they become.  We want you getting at least 15 or so each time so set up accordingly.

Make sure when you pull that you don't add a little KIP into it.  Make sure that you come to fully extended at the bottom and touch your chest at the top - or at least super close.

Pull your body to the rings or the bar by using your mid back and pulling the elbows BACK!

For this whole workout you can do it as one long circuit or do each piece at a time.   Once piece at a time is how it was designed, but it might be quicker to get through if you break it up!

Either way will work!