7 Min Dip Practice

Perform sets of 3-5 dips with a pause at the bottom.

Use this to work on timing of the kip if you have the strength to do it!For this portion - if you are able to do a dip without assistance, the goal will be to pause and practice the timing of the knee up - press and kick.

Think of the knee up giving a LITTLE upward momentum at which time you will start the press.  Use the kick down to help you finish the press and lock out!  See video fo example of timing!

If you are unable to perform unassisted kipping dips - no problem. You may practice sets of 3-5 banded dips, jump and slow lower dips, or even between box/bench dips.  No matter what you choose make sure you practice that pause at the bottom for this drill.

Also make sure we are working the full range of the movement.  Get the shoulder below the elbow at the bottom.  Lock out completely at the top!

Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)

Get as far as you can in 7 Min:

1 Toe to Bar
1 Pull Over
2 Toes to Bar
1 Pull oVer
3 Toes to Bar
1 Pull Over...

See below for scaling options!

Score is total reps of both combined!Remember for the pull over - that you pull up and try to get those hips as close to the bar as possible, then as your legs come over the bar, the weight of them should pull your upper body around!

If you need to - add a little speed and a whip to the pull up and leg over portion.  Nothing too crazy though.  To come down you can either roll back over or just push back and away and swing through like a bar muscle up.

If you are not ready to/are unable to do an unassisted pull over you may do a jumping pull over.  Please make sure what you are jumping off of is stable, and make sure that you are confident and strong enough to stabilize on top of the bar if you are going to do this version.

If you are uncomfortable still you may choose to do a jumping chest to bar or even lower pull up to start to work on that LONGER pulling strength.

For the toes to bar you may sub to knees up!

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