7 Min Kip + Pull Up Practice

The drill is:

1 Pull Up + Pause at the top
2 Kip Swings
1 Pull Up + Pause at the top

You can do 1 x thru every 30 seconds or 2 X thru every 30 sec.

For this drill you will start with one kipping pull up to get the chin over the bar.  Once the chin is over you will pause for 2 seconds.  Press away and pull through at the bottom and do 2 kip swings.

A kip swing is that hollow + arch position on the bar.  So a pull through of the head and chest.  Then a press back and hollow out.

After the 2 kip swings you will perform another pull up with a 2 second pause from the top.

From here you will either come down and wait unti it's time to go again or you will perform 2 more kip swings and one more pull up.

Subs for this are banded or jumping.

Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

(As Many Rounds and Reps as Possible In 7 Min)


4 Around the Worlds
8 Shoulder Taps

RX +: Shoulder Taps are Free Standing

For the around the worlds you will hang fromthe bar.  You will try to keep your legs straight as you pike out and around bringing the toes to almost touch the bar at the top in a giant circle.

You will think about pressing against the bar a bit and hollowing out.