SOGO 8.26.18

3 - 5 Rounds Not for Time:

15 Dumbbell Curls Palms Up
15 Dumbbell Hammer Curls
45 Second Hold or 200' Out in Front Plate Walk
SUPER Light Barbell Walk and Curl (or 45 Second Curl)
DB or KB Overhead Walk or Hold t
Max Reps Push Ups

Score is total push up reps (mostly just so you can enter a score for Wodify)

Score is weight used for sets of 15 curls!

For the curls try to do the sets pretty back to back without resting much between the 2 types of  curls.  Use same weight for both. You may alternate arms or do both arms at a time.

Hold a plate out in front of you with the elbow bent  at 90 degrees and either walk 200' or hold for 45 seconds.

Grab a light barbell (think like 45-55#) do the same 200' walk or 45 seconds, but this time curl as you go - for a ton of reps.

For OH carry - press biceps into ear and keep belly tight.  Walk same 200' or hold 45 seconds. Must be done with either DBs or KBs.

Push ups are push ups guys!  Go to your knees if you need to - touch your chest at the bottom - lock the elbows at the top.