This workout was originally posted on Feb 09 of this year!  Here's your chance to see how you've improved!

Street Parking SHIFT is posted every Mon, Wed, and Fri.  This is a scaled version of the normal workout for those who may need it.  This is great for those who may be new to this type of training, coming back from injury, postpartum/pregnant mamas, even your KIDS!!

Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

15 Min AMRAP
As Many Rounds and Reps as possible in 15 Min
3 Walk Outs
6 Rows
9 KB Deadlift

Idea of weight for men: 50-70# KB
Idea of weight for women: 30-50# KB

You can also do deadlifts with a single or 2 dumbbells if you don't have the KB for this one!

Score is total number of completed rounds and any additional reps completed in 15 min.

For the walk outs you will start in a standing position.  You will place the hands down in front of the feet. Start walking the hands out to a plank position.  From here you can either add a push up - or skip it, your choice.  You then walk your hands back into your feet and stand all of the way back up.  That is 1 rep.

You will complete 3 walk outs (inchworms).

For the rows you will choose an angle that will allow you to do 6 in no more than 2 sets.  That means you can do something like 3-3 or 4-2 each time to get those done.  The more parallel to the floor your body is, the more difficult they become.

If you don't have anything to do rows, but you DO have a pull up bar - you can also sub jumping pull ups.  For these, make sure you are able to bend your knees and use a lot of leg to help you up.  When you are standing with your arms extended overhead - the pull up bar should hit the middle of your forearm.  Do not use a slow lower for this workout.  Jump up and come down fast.

For the deadlifts the kettle bell or dumbbell will be between the feet.  Feet will be about shoulder width apart.  Keep the heels down and the bell RIGHT between your feet - not out in front of you.  Bend the knees slightly and avoid them caving IN. This is not a squat, however - your chest should be OVER the kettle/dumbbell.  Arms are straight and long, chest is up.

From here, you will drive through the heels to stand up, squeezing the cheeks at the top.  Reach the butt back, hinge at the hips, as you bend your knees to put the KB back down.  Focus on keeping the back flat the entire time!!

MIranda Alcaraz