Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)

7 Min

Handstand Walk Away Practice

You will start in a handstand against the wall.  Without kicking yourself off of the wall the goal is to walk away from the wall a few steps.

Practice for 7 Min

For a score you can put how many successful 3 steps or more walks away from the wall you got!

If you aren't ready to walk away from the wall you can practice just a handstand hold with the chest against the wall - or shoulder taps with the chest against the wall.

Make sure you do not overextend.  Your face should also be pretty close to the wall!  Shift weight into the fingers to initiate walking away.  Squeeze the butt!

Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)

Every 30 Seconds for 10 Min:

3 Second Chin Over Bar or Rings Hold + 1 Muscle Up

Score: Number of successful rounds completed (up to 20)

If you have muscle ups - you know what to do.  Hold the chin over - push away and kip at the bottom into your next muscle up.  Rest remainder of 30 seconds.

If you are new to muscle ups but want to try this - cut it to one per min.

If you aren't quite ready to do it with the hold, you may just do 1 muscle up per min.

If you don't have your muscle ups yet you may do a chin over bar or rings hold followed by a jumping bar or ring muscle up.

You may also do a 3 second chest to rings hold + a muscle up transition!  Remember - keep the rings close.  Pull all of the way to the chest and keep pulling YOURSELF through the rings!  Lock out at the top of that dip!

Metcon (Time)

7 Min Max Unstable Plank

Accumulate as much time as possible in some form of unstable plank.

Options can be hands in rings, feet in rings or trx bands.  Feet on Swiss ball.

You an even just have one hand and one foot lifted and alternate every time you break!

Figure out a way to make it unstable with what you've got!!