5 Rounds

20 Second Hollow Hold
20 Second Superman Hold
10 Second Kip Swing

Rest as needed between rounds.

We are really working on the position of hollow and arch and then transferring that onto the bar.

For the Hollow Hold you will lay flat on your back and place the hands over the head.  Lift the hands and feet by pressing your lower back into the ground and "hollowing out" through your midsection.

For the Superman you will roll over and pretty much do the opposite.  You will lift the hands chest and feet by squeezing the butt and lifting the chest!

When you hang fro the bar you will find the hollow position by pressing against the bar with the lats.  For the arch you will pull through!  Allow yourself just to swing and don't pause at all in the front or the back.

Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds)

7 Min Every 30 Seconds:

1 Kip Swing
1 Knees to Elbow
2 Toes to Bar
1 Knees to Elbow
1 Kip Swing

Switch to every Min if necessary.

For this if you are not yet ready to do a toe to bar rep - no problem!

You can do 1 Kip Swing - 3 Knees Up - 1 Kip Swing!

I put a score in here just so guys could log something.  Put how many rounds (out of a possible 14) you completed.

Metcon (No Measure)

7 Min Practice

Pike Handstand Hold with Alternating Leg Lifts

You may do this free standing (watch the shins) or against the wall.  You will hold a pike handstand and lift one leg until it's upright and then the other (alternating).

If you want to work on getting both up - go for it!