5 Min Pull Over Practice


Kicking Pull Over

Jumping Pull Over

Hanging Pull Over

Choose one or play around with all 3 for 7 min!

For the pull over the goal is to pull the body up and then get the hips close to the bar and keep them close to the bar as you pull yourself over in a backwards roll type movement.

To do these unassisted you will need the upper body strength to do a pull up.  BUT you can also do them with a little jump to help with the pull or even stand on something high enough to be able to really kick up and over.

These require a great deal of ab strength.  So don't be suprised by that one! Look at your quads the entire time.  Allow your hands to rotate around the bar.

Have fun with these and whatever set up you are using make sure it is stable and that you are safe.

Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)

7 Min EMOM

2-5 Slow Lower / Pause / Kipping HSPU

Scale to just a slow lower HS with a short hold if you are still unable to do kipping handstand push ups.

You may scale UP to a deficit if you are a ninja.

Score is total reps you do but don't worry about score.  Just a way for you to track it.

For these you will start in a handstand against the wall.  You will lower yourself slowly, taking 3 seconds to get down.  Pause for 2 seconds at the bottom then lower the knees all of the way to the elbows, allow the torso to round a bit and the tailbone to come off of the wall.

From here kick your feet straign up (not at the wall because then you will stunt your movement by hitting the wall too soon).

Make sure you are in the tripod position in the bottom, head in front with fingertips in line with the forehead.  Make sure elbows come forward and not too far out.  Keep the belly tight at the top.

Metcon (Time)

For total time:

Accumulate 3 min in the bottom of a push up but with the chest and thighs JUST off of the ground.

Score is how long it takes you to accumulate that in small increments.

No sagging hips or belly.  Elbows tucked in with the bicep and forearm touching the rib cage.  No raised hips either!