OLY 6.17.18

Hang Snatch + Overhead Squats (Every 2 Min for 20 Min + weight each time)

1 Full or Power Snatch from the Hang + 1 Overhead Squat

Make sure to warm this up before you start the clock.  The first set should be manageable but more than a warm up weight for you.

The goal is to add weight with each successful lift.  You have a FULL 2 min to hit this each time so you should be able to go pretty heavy.  This also allows you to try again if you fail a rep at some point.  If you fail twice at any weight - go back down to the previous successful weight.

For the hang snatch you will have a wide grip (overhead squat grip). Feet are generally under the hips.  You will stand (deadlift) the bar to the hips.  You will initiate the movement by reaching the chest forward slightly, pulling the bar into the body as the bar travels slightly down the leg.  Keep the weight in the heels and bend the knees slightly - keep the arms STRAIGHT.  Once the bar is just above the knee you will re-direct!  You will keep the heels down and arms straight as you scoop the hips underneath  (so that the torso is in a more upright position) and the jump (straight up) SHRUG and pull the elbows high and outside.  The bar will travel UP the body as you actively pull yourself DOWN to land in a locked out overhead squat position!  Think of punching yourself down underneath the weight!

The overhead squat position should have the feet shoulder width apart, heels down, knees out, butt below the knees, chest up, back flat (no plopping) arms locked with the bar over the middle of the body and armpits forward (no forward rotated shoulders!).

You may also do the snatch as a power snatch - suggested if this movement is new for you.  For that you land only in a partial squat.

Stand from the snatch and perform an additional overhead squat.

Behind Neck Snatch Grip Push Press (5 x 8)

These are not meant to be SUPER heavy.  Make sure you are comfortable lowering the weight to your back at lighter loads before loading up too much.  ABSORB the lower with the legs!

These are just like a normal push press, just with a wide grip and from the back.

The bar will start on the back with the hands in your snatch/overhead squat grip.  You will dip by keeping the heels down, allowing the knees to travel slightly forward, reaching the butt back SLIGHTLY but keeping the chest tall (don't dip forward).  You will stand fast and hard to pop the bar off of the shoulders (make sure the head is out of the way) and finish with a press.

Keep the rib cage down and belly tight!  Lock the elbows completely with the armpits forward and the bar over the middle of the body.

MIranda AlcarazOLY