OLY 12.9.18

2 Power Clean + 2 Front Squat + 1 Jerk (15 Min to Establish (5= 2+2+1))

2 Power Clean
2 Front Squats
1 JerkAfter you warm up you will put 15 min on the clock and see how heavy you can get with this complex.  The complex must be unbroken which means you will hold onto the bar for 2 power cleans, 2 front squats, and 1 jerk without dropping.

You may do as many or as few sets as you want.  The goal is to find as heavy as you can complete the complex in 15 min.

For the power clean the bar will start on the ground.  Feet are under the hips with the heels down.  Bar close  and hands are just outside of the legs.  Hinge at the hips and bend knees.  Arms  long and straight.  Chest  up and higher than hips.  Gaze forward.

Drive through  heels and lift  chest.  Keep bar close as it travels up.  Keep  arms long and straight.  Once past the knees, rotate the torso to a more upright position and stand up hard and fast.  Shrug the shoulders.  Then, as the bar is traveling up  - pull the elbows high and outside to keep it close and pull YOURSELF down into a PARTIAL (above parallel) squat. Rotate the elbows around and through FAST to allow the bar to land on the front of the shoulder with the elbows high.  Keep the chest up and belly tight.  Land with the heels down and knees out, butt back.  You may land with the feet wider - but no wider than your squat stance.

Stand.  Repeat for 1 more rep (lower  bar back down under control).

After second power clean perform 2 front squats.  Feet under shoulders with heels down.  Bar on the front of the shoulders with the elbows high. Keep the chest up and belly tight.  Reach  butt back and down.  Drive knees out and keep  heels down, chest and elbows up.  Get  butt lower than  knees at the bottom with the chest up and no plopping or rounding.  Drive through  heels and lead with chest and elbows to stand.

After the second front squat you will perform a jerk.  This may be a push/power jerk or a split jerk.  Think dip with heels down.  Drive.  Press UNDER!  Catch locked out in partial squat.  Heels down. Knees out.  Stand completely

Barbell Hip Thrusts (4 x 8-10 Reps)

Can be done on a bench or stack of plates should work too.Use a weight that you can definitely do 8 with, but 10 or more will be tough.

Using a bench or box/stack of plates you will sit in front and place the bar on the hips.   You will have the shoulders against the box/bench.  This can be uncomfortable so feel free to wrap with a mat or a towel.  You can also do this with dumbbells.  The heels should be down in front of you.

From that position you will drive through the heels and squeeze the glutes to bring your hips up with your shoulders on the bench.  Make sure you bring it ALL of the way up (full squeeze).  Then lower back to the ground.

MIranda AlcarazOLY