BUTTS & GUTS 11.4.18

4 Rounds
Not for Time

8 Side + Forward Lunge Right
8 Side + Forward Lunge Left
8 (4 count down + 4 count up) Stiff Legged Deadlifts
8 Around the World (there and back = 1)
8 Shoot Thrus (Forward and back = 1)

You will use either  bar on the back or holding a KB or DB for the lunges and DL.  Use same weight for both and use that as your score.

For the side + forward lunges you will lunge to the side - back in - then step forward - back in.  Do all 8 reps on one side before doing the other.  BOTH lunges combined = 1 rep.

For these lunges the major key is to keep the heel DOWN.  For the side lunge this is going to mean that you will really have to reach the butt back.  Push the knee out so it doesn't cave in.  Go as low as you can keeping the heel down, knee out, and no pain or knee discomfort!

When you step forward for the lunge - take a long enough step that you can keep the heel down when your back knee touches!

For the stiff leg deadlifts these are NO TOUCH with a 4 second lower and a 4 second up!  Knees should be pretty straight, heels down, back flat.  Only go as far down as you can keep the back flat.  This will depend on your hamstring tightness usually.  Keep the bar or KB/DBs close to the body!

For the Around the World reps you will hang from the bar or you can do these lying on the ground.  You will fight to keep the legs straight as you lift them and rotate them clockwise ALL the way around - then counter clockwise all of the way back.  There and back = 1 rep.  You can also do these with just your knees for a slight scale.

For the shoot thrus - the higher your platforms - the easier these are.  You start with your hands each on a platform (2 boxes, stack of plates, paralletes, your counter tops - whatever!!  Basically you are in this elevated push up position.  From here you tuck your knees and swing THROUGH until your feet are in front of you with your body in a straight line.  After that you tuck the knees again and go back to the start!