SOGO 11.25.18

Bicep Giant Set

3-5 Sets
10 DB Preacher Curls Right
10 DB Preacher Curls Left
20 Alternating Hammer Curls
1 Min Light Weight / Empty Barbell Curls

Minimal Rest Between Movements.  Rest as needed between rounds!

Score is weight used for Preacher CurlsI you don't have something to rest against for the preacher curls, you may sub seated concentration curls - elbow on the inside of the knee!

Make sure for all 3 types of curls you open the elbow joint completely at the bottom of each rep!

Metcon (Weight)

Shoulders Super Set

3-5 Rounds
20 Alternating DB Front Raise
10 DB Side Lateral Raise

Use same weight for both if possible.

No rest between movements. Rest as needed between rounds.For the front raise you will alternate arms for each rep.  Bring the dumbbell from the hip pocket position to straight out in front of the shoulder with the palm facing down.  Allow a slight bend in the elbow.

You will also allow a slight bend in the elbow for the lateral raises.  For these you will start with the dumbbells at the pocket position out to the side (and maybe slightly in front).