OLY 11.18.18

Clean (5 Rep Touch and Go (No Dropping))

For this workout you will put 20 min on the clock.  In that window you will find a 5 rep max (for the day anyway) touch and go clean.  We filmed this in the demo as a full clean and would love to see you work on full cleans if possible.

But, if you want to work on power cleans - if you are new to the movement or something - that is fine.

All reps must be "touch and go" which means you cannot drop the bar.  As soon as you lower and the plates tap the ground at the bottom, you will start the next rep.

The bar will start on the ground.  The feet are under the hips with the heels down.   Hands are outside of the legs with straight arms.  Knees are bent, hinge at the hips, tighten the belly and lift the chest.

To lift the bar dig the heels into the ground and lift the chest.  Keep the bar close to the body - keep the arms straight and back flat!  Once you get past the knees you will pick up speed.  Rotate the torso upright and finish UP with the legs and hips.  Shrug the shoulders.  Pull the elbows high and outside to keep the bar close as it travels up the body.  Pull yourself down AS the bar is traveling up.  You will rotate your elbows around and through FAST!  Catch the bar on the shoulders in the bottom of a solid front squat.  Hips below knees, knees out, heels down, chest up, belly tight.  NO plopping or roundness!  Get those elbows high!  Lead with the chest and the elbows as you drive through the heels to stand up completely.

Lower back down to the ground under control and find that good pulling position for the next rep.

Clean Pull (5 x 3)

For the clean pull the focus will be on the UP portion of the clean!

The set up will be the same as the touch and go clean portion.  The pull from the ground will be the same.

For these you will want to go heavier for sure than you went for your sets of 5 cleans.  Go closer to your 1 or 3 rep max clean.

On this movement once you pass the knee - REALLY focus on that explosive extension and shrug. Allow the bar to travel up with momentum but we are not really looking for a pull. You may drop at that point and then do a quick re-set.

MIranda AlcarazOLY