BUTTS & GUTS 10.21.18

4 Rounds


10 Single Leg Split Squats Right
10 Single Leg Split Squats Left
10 Strict Knee Raise or Strict TTB
20 Single Leg Bridge Ups with 1 Second Pause
(Each Leg, 20 on one side then switch)
1 Min Plank

Idea for weight for Men: 35#+ Dumbbells / 75-95# Bar

Idea for weight for Women: 25# + Dumbbells / 45-65# Bar

Score is dumbbell weight.

For the split squats you  will put your back leg up on either a bench, a box, or whatever you can find.  No higher than 20" but at least prob 10-12".

Make sure your front foot is out far enough that you can keep your heel down when you are at the bottom.  Goal is to keep your torso upright - heel down - and don't allow your knee to cave in.  Get your butt below the knee for each rep.  Do all 10 on one side before switching sides.

For the strict toes to bar or knee ups - it's just that.  Choose a method that allows you to get at least sets of 3-5.

For the single leg bridge ups you will lay on the ground.  Raise one leg up and have the other foot planted on the ground with a bent knee.  Squeeze the butt up to raise the hips until they are all of the way open.  Hold at the top for 1 second before lowering back down.

For the plank - keep the butt down and the abs tight!  No sagging.  If you need to break you can just accumulate 1 min.