Metcon (No Measure)

Muscle Up Negatives

20 Reps SLOW Muscle Up Negatives

You may do these unassisted, with a band, with feet on the box, or even with your feet on the ground.The way these work is that you will start locked out at the top of a muscle up.  We suggest doing these on rings that will allow you to jump to this position so you aren't also doing 20 full muscle ups to get up there - unless you are a muscle up ninja.

Ideally these will be done on rings, or you may do this drill (slightly modified) on the TRX bands.

You will lower SLOWLY down to the bottom of the dip and then SLOWLY backwards through the transition.  FOCUS ON KEEPING THE ELBOWS IN and RINGS CLOSE!!!  Then slowly you will lower until the arms are straight at the bottom.

No score for this part because we want you to rest as needed and go SLOW.  Use a scale that will allow you to do 20 reps in about 10 min or so.

Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds)


2 Strict
3 Kipping Pull Ups

Rest 15 Seconds.

Must be unbroken sets

Scaled: 1 slow negative + 2 kipping

Scaled Option #2: 2 Slow Supine Ring Rows + 3 Jumping Pull Ups

RX +: 3 Strict + 5 Kipping

Goal: 10 Rounds +The goal would be to ONLY rest 15 seconds and be ready to go again.  Choose a scaling option that will allow that.  Feel free to mix and match options here.

Metcon (No Measure)

7 Min HS Weight Shift Practice

Against the wall (unless you are a HS ninja)

You will practice walking side ways over a plate.

Practice going from both hands off of a plate to up on a plate etc.

See video.This is all about practicing shiftin your weight.  No RX for how many sets or anything you do.  Just keep practicing for 7 min or so on the clock.  Once you get comfortable with one drill, try a different one.

Keep the ribs down.  Practice squeezing the cheeks, spreading the fingers and balancing!

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