We have always incorporated the use of ‘odd objects' like sandbags, sleds, tire flips in Program C of the daily workouts as these can be a fun, different and challenging stimulus. We appreciate the versatility of the sandbag as it can be used for movements commonly done with dumbbells and barbells like cleans, squats, shoulder to overhead, and more. 

We love how the sandbag challenges stability, explosive power, stamina and in sandbag specific workouts you can see movements that are unique such as sandbag slams, step overs, throw overs, drags, and more. The sandbag is right up there with the dumbbells as one of the most inclusive pieces of equipment you can have on hand to grab and go as necessary to be able to workout anywhere. 

Much like the Endurance workouts, we recommend NOT hitting the daily workout and the sandbag workout on the same day for most people. Sandbag workouts can be a grind, and great for days when you want to work with a little less intensity but still get your heart rate up and a good sweat going!