The Street Parking Gymnastics workout is for ANYONE to work on specific gymnastic skills as well as increasing stamina, core stability, body awareness (= quality movement) and overall strength. We know that at the word “gymnastics" half the time people, especially adults, say “nope” and write it off because of a perception that the skills, movements, even equipment needed won’t work for them. However, we provide options because we know the value of these movements in overall fitness if you have the time or desire to add it in! Also, not every Gymnastics accessory workout requires a pull up bar or rings! 

These workouts are written with the primary intent that you focus on quality movement, not speed or intensity, so they are great for days when you don’t necessarily want to turn on a clock! Whether you are a beginner or you are wanting to improve your strength and capacity in higher skill movements like handstand walking or bar muscle ups, the Gymnastic accessory workouts are thorough, fun and challenging. There are specific warm ups, modifications and movement descriptions as well as ’skill focus’ components that accompany each workout along with our excellent resource and guidance from Coach Kati and her demo videos!