No two ways about it - these workouts are just fun - ESPECIALLY if you have been doing high intensity workouts for awhile and perhaps abandoned some good ol' fashioned body building type movements.

We love adding these workouts in when maybe thinking of saying “3, 2, 1 go…” sounds exhausting and you need to simply move, not go all out. Maybe you want to get some fitness in but you can't go super hard because you also need to be able to go check on dinner between sets.

The Butts and Guts program is NOT just about building a big booty, as the movements are also really important for injury prevention and getting stronger in a lot of ways. Single leg movements, and building a stronger butt and hamstrings are HUGE in preventing knee injury and in gaining strength. Most of us are stronger on the front side of our bodies and need to balance that out. Add some killer core work and strengthening that area on top of it, and you are doing some serious work at looking better while building a more stable system in general!